Eliminating ants can be a challenging task as they have extensive, well-structured colonies both inside and outside your house. Our expert team is equipped to completely eradicate them, giving you peace of mind and preventing future infestations. Although ants do not pose a direct danger like rodents or stinging insects, their presence in your home is still unwanted. Despite maintaining a clean house, you may still come across a few of these insects roaming on your kitchen floor.

Getting rid of ants takes patience and persistence, but it can be done. By removing food sources and targeting the ant colony, you can effectively eliminate these pests from your home. It’s important to use the right product for the specific type of ant that you’re dealing with. For example, some ant species prefer sweet baits, while others are attracted to protein-based baits. You can usually identify the type of ant by their appearance, but a pest control professional can help you if you’re not sure.

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To effectively get rid of ants, you need to take a two-pronged approach. Firstly, you need to eliminate the food sources that are attracting them. This means cleaning up any crumbs, sealing food in airtight containers, and making sure trash cans are properly sealed. It’s also a good idea to fix any leaks or other moisture problems that might be attracting ants.

Secondly, you need to target the ant colony itself. There are a variety of products available that can help you do this, including ant baits, sprays, and dusts. Ant baits work by attracting the ants with a sweet or sugary substance, which they then take back to their colony and feed to their queen. The active ingredient in the bait will then kill the ants, including the queen, effectively ending the colony.


In some cases, especially if the colony is well established, it may be necessary to seek professional help to get rid of ants. A pest control professional will have the experience and expertise to identify the species of ant and develop a customized treatment plan to effectively eliminate the colony. If you have spotted a few ants or scared of having increased number and you are unsure to deal with the problem by yourself and are located in Vancouver, Burnaby, or Surrey BC, feel free to contact Eastside Pest Control.

Eastside pest control’s experts will help you get rid of the ant problem, no matter how serious it is.


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