As the population in Greater Vancouver grows, so does the number of carpenter ants. These insects are known for their quick invasion of homes and structures, where they create nests inside wooden and hollow areas of foundations. With over a thousand different species, carpenter ants are notorious for their resilience.

Carpenter ants are large and can be black, red, or a combination of both colors. While they may be a nuisance inside homes, they serve a beneficial role in nature by aiding in the decomposition of dead trees. Unfortunately, when foraging for food, carpenter ants sometimes find their way into homes where they establish satellite colonies within the wooden structures.


It’s common for these ants to be mistaken for termites, but unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t consume the wood they tunnel through. Instead, they use it as a nesting site. If you’re dealing with a carpenter ant infestation in Vancouver BC or nearby suburbs, contact Eastside Pest Control for reliable, professional, and affordable extermination services.

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You’re seeing carpenter ants flying around because they’re in a reproductive phase. Carpenter ants have winged reproductive individuals, known as alates, which are capable of flying. During the reproductive phase, swarms of winged carpenter ants can often be seen flying around, usually near their nest.

These winged ants are important for the colony’s survival, as they mate and establish new colonies. Once the alates mate, the male ants die and the female ants shed their wings and start a new colony. If you’re seeing carpenter ants flying around inside your home, it’s likely that there is a nest nearby, and it’s best to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further infestation.


There are several reasons why you may have a carpenter ant problem:

  1. Access to food: Carpenter ants are attracted to homes that provide them with a source of food, such as sweet or greasy substances.
  2. Moisture: Carpenter ants are attracted to moist or damp areas, so if your home has leaks or poor ventilation, it may be more susceptible to an ant infestation.
  3. Wooden structures: Homes with wooden structures, such as decks, porches, and sheds, are more susceptible to carpenter ant infestations because these insects prefer to nest in wood.
  4. Old or damaged wood: Old or damaged wood is more likely to attract carpenter ants because it provides them with easy access to a nesting site.
  5. Unmaintained landscaping: Overgrown trees and bushes near your home can provide carpenter ants with a pathway into your home.

It’s important to address the root cause of your carpenter ant problem in order to prevent it from recurring in the future. If you’re not sure why you have a carpenter ant problem, it may be best to consult Eastside Pest Control, an exterminator company for a thorough inspection and evaluation.

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